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Will my security software prevent my confidential data from being transmitted to a hacker?

Will my security software stop a virus from corrupting or destroying my important documents?

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Apart from providing the ability for the casual user to download and run the security tests, Test My PC Security also has a community of independent, registered testers that formally tests security software. The results of these tests are published on this website.

Methodology and Overview

Each application is tested using all 68 security tests in the Test My PC Security Test Suite 1 (see full list of tests here).

Each of the security tests has a penalty associated with it that is based on the severity of the test. (For example, failing 'CopyCat' carries a penalty of 100 points but failing an individual Spycar test carries a lower tariff of 10 points).

Each software starts the test cycle with a 'perfect' score of zero. If the software fails a test, then the associated penalty is subtracted from its score. At the end of the test cycle, a total score is derived that represents the overall protection level of the firewall. In most cases this will be a negative (minus) figure. Therefore, the closer the score is to zero, the better the protection level of the software.

Software Protection Ratings Penalty Range
*** Perfect *** 0
Excellent -1 to -250
Very Good -251 to -1041
Basic -1042 to -2082
Poor -2083 to -3111
Very Poor -3124 to -3915
Unacceptable -3916 to -4165

A protection rating based on the total score is
assigned to the software as shown

Test results are available for Windows XP and Windows Vista Operating systems and are available in two formats:

  • Overall Software Rankings – a concise summary table of all tested software alongside its aggregate penalty against all tests in the suite. Based on this score, each software is assigned a rating (see explanation above) which allows users to quickly evaluate its protection strength.
  • Full Results – Complete details on the performance of each software against each test. This table also allows users to download individual test results in .pdf format.

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