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Test Description

YALTA (Yet Another Leak Test Application) allows you to try sending UDP data packets to any configurable IP address, at any configurable port.

YALTA emulates Trojan horse programs try to transmit data from your computer to the Internet to check if your personal firewall detects them.

The small application contains two separate tests:

- The Classical Leak Test button uses standard sockets access.

- The Enhanced Leak Test button uses a more direct access which is very stressful for personal firewalls

Your firewall passes this test if:

- The YALTA status bar reports an error while sending, or - Your personal firewall tells you that YALTA is trying to access the Internet and asks your authorization for it.

Test Details
Author Soft4ever
Website http://www.soft4ever.com/LooknStop/En/index2.htm
Type of Test Firewall and HIPS
Techniques used Default Rules, Own Protocol Driver
Operating System(s) Windows NT4/ Windows 2000/ Windows XP
Number of Tests 2
Zip filename YALTA.zip