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Test Description

First test : WallBreaker attempts to load a copy of the default browser by using technique which require DDE (COM communication). Ex.: it attempts to use explorer.exe to launch iexplore.exe and then access the Internet, so, it's looks like a Windows application which launch another one, and not WallBreaker.

Second test : simply attempts to load Internet Explorer directly, but in a way not handled by firewalls, whereas it should.

Third test : it's a variant of the first test, Wallbreaker attempts to launch cmd.exe before, which then launches explorer.exe, and finally iexplore.exe : Wallbreaker -> cmd -> explorer -> iexplore (Windows 2000/Windows XP only)

Fourth test : Wallbreaker sets a scheduled task by using "AT.exe" which in turn will execute the task via "svchost" : Wallbreaker -> AT -> svchost -> cmd -> explorer -> iexplore Note: This test creates a batch file (".bat" extension) with a random filename in his directory, it should be manually deleted at the end of the test. In order for this test to work, the Windows Task Scheduler service must be started (Windows 2000/Windows XP only)

Test Details
Author Guillaume Kaddouch
Website http://www.firewallleaktester.com
Type of Test HIPS and Firewall
Techniques used Parent Substitution
Operating System(s) Windows 9x/Windows Millenium/Windows NT4/Windows 2000/Windows XP
Number of Tests 4
Zip filename Wallbreaker.zip

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