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Test Description

System Shutdown Simulator (SSS) is a unique leaktest designed to test the effectiveness of your firewall, antivirus and host-intrusion prevention system (HIPS) when malware simulates a fake Windows shutdown. System Shutdown Simulator is the first of a new generation of leaktests designed to test the effectiveness of HIPS software in protecting your computer from malware.

This leaktest highlights a new vulnerability that exists when a user shuts down their computer and a program cancels the shutdown. For example, when installing new software, the installation program often asks the user to restart their computer to complete the installation. When the user allows the computer to be restarted, the installation program could potentially compromise the user's computer completely undetected by security software as these have already shutdown.

The GUI contains full instructions for the use of System Shutdown Simulator

Test Details
AuthorZero Day Software
Type of TestHIPS and Firewall
Techniques used-
Operating System(s)Windows XP
Number of Tests1