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Will my security software stop a virus from corrupting or destroying my important documents?

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Test Description

The Spycar suite is a set of 16 individual tests designed to (harmlessly) simulate the behavior of spyware programs to see if your security software detects and blocks it. The tests are broken down into the following broad categories:

Autostart Tests - 6 different tests

IE Config Changes - 10 different tests

Network Config Changes - 1 test

For Spycar to accurately test each module, you should run each test separately. Users interested in finding out more should visit the developers website at: http://spycar.org

The graphic above shows one of the IE Config Change Tests. The Spycar suite also contains its own results and clean up utility called 'TowTruck.exe' which should be run after completing a full cycle of tests

Test Details
AuthorSpycar (Intelguardians Labs)
Website http://spycar.org/Spycar.html
Type of TestHIPS
Techniques usedDLL Injection, Process Injection, Parent Substitution
Operating System(s)Windows 9x/ Windows Millenium/ Windows NT/ Windows 2000/ Windows XP
Number of Tests17
Zip filenameSpycar_tests.zip