Firewall Fake Protection Revealer (FPR)

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Firewall Test Description

The Fake Protection Revealer is implemented to reveal fake anti-leak protection. For this purpose we define the fake protection as the protection which is implemented only to pass leaktests instead of fixing the real causation. FPR is implemented to reveal fake protection which is based on ring 3 hooks.

Firewalls that are not able to handle leaktests run by FPR are cheating on leaktests! This means not only that they do not protect their users properly but they try to cover their impotency and generally do offer a fake sense of security to their users. You can recognize the fake protection revealed by FPR easily. If you have a leaktest that was not able to bypass the tested firewall and you run it using FPR, then the tested firewall implements fake ring 3 protection if the leaktests succeed. Succeeding or failing leaktests run by FPR that are able to bypass the tested firewall without FPR means nothing at all!

FPR is implemented to be used with other leaktests. This means you have to obtain another software to be able to test your firewall against FPR. FPR loads the given leaktest in its memory, unhooks all ring 3 hooks and then executes the code of the given leaktest.

Test Details
Author Matousec - Transparent security
Type of Test HIPS and Firewall
Techniques used Unhooking
Operating System(s) Windows 2000/ Windows XP
Number of Tests 1
Zip filename