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Firewall Test Description

What's the security rating of your PC?

Comodo Firewall Test Suite is an all-in-one application that sequentially launches 34 of the most effective leak tests against your computer's security. When the full cycle of tests has been completed you will be provided with detailed results that will inform you which individual tests your system is vulnerable to.

Your system will also be awarded an overall security score based upon its overall performance against the suite of tests. (Highest and most secure score = 340)

Comodo Firewall Leak Test

Simply click 'Test' to begin the sequence. The results of each test are shown in the 'State' column. A running score or 'Security Rating' is shown at the bottom of the interface.

Click the "?" button at the lower left corner to view detailed information about the techniques each test uses and the severity of the threat that they pose.

Upon test completion, you will be presented with a detailed results page that summarizes how well your system performed against each test. You will also be able to view your overall security rating. The higher the score, the better your system is protected.

Clicking the 'Download' button at bottom of this page will download a small zip file called ''. After downloading, double click the .zip file and extract the contents to your desktop. Double click the file 'CLT.exe' to start the interface.

Test Details
Author Comodo
Type of Test Firewall & HIPS
Techniques used Covers various techniques. Full details on each test can be found by clicking the ? at the lower left of the application window.
Operating System(s) Windows XP/ Windows Vista
Number of Tests 34
Zip filename