Comodo Firewall Parent Injection Leak Test

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Firewall Test Description

The CPIL test locates the explorer.exe file and patches its memory, loading its own DLL.

Then, with the infected explorer.exe, it attempts to transmit user submitted data to Comodo's website through your default browser.

To run this test, you simply need to type some random text at the prompt and press 'Enter'. CPIL will then attempt to send the text to the Comodo website.

If the test succeeds you will be taken to a Comodo webpage that will display the text you entered. If your Firewall produces an alert notifying you of this connection attempt, then your firewall has passed the test.

Test Details
Type of TestHIPS and Firewall
Techniques usedDLL Injection
Operating System(s)Windows 2000/ Windows XP/ Windows Vista
Number of Tests1