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Test Description

Comodo ICMP tests the basic protection provided by your firewall's outbound packet filtering capabilities a 'core competency' of any personal firewall worth the name.

It does this by testing data transfer over ICMP and the firewall's reaction to it. Some firewalls fail this test because they have poor outbound protection regarding ICMP - a protocol is that is rarely exploited to leak data.

Test 1 uses Windows RAW sockets to send an ICMP request.

Test 2 uses Windows ICMP APIs (equivalent of Windows Ping Command) to send an ICMP request

Test Details
Type of TestFirewall
Techniques usedNo 'technique' as such. The test just attempts to connect and send data using a protocol that is not commonly used for leak attacks
Operating System(s)Windows 2000/ Windows XP/ Windows Vista
Number of Tests2