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Will my security software prevent my confidential data from being transmitted to a hacker?

Will my security software stop a virus from corrupting or destroying my important documents?

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Test My PC Security is the user-driven website that aims to be the foremost authority on the security software you use.

Clear and Objective Results
Our highest priority is to provide a genuinely helpful service to the public regarding the strength of desktop firewall and HIPS software. We hope to inform the average user and to contribute to them making the correct decision when considering which software to purchase.

Vendor Neutrality
All of the security tests that are published on Test My PC Security are carried out by independent end-users – indeed we are constantly on the lookout for more volunteers to test their software and help this site to grow. Test My PC Security does not accept any payments or undertake any private testing contracts for testing from software vendors. Nor do any of our testers receive any payments from us. This is, and will always be, a community driven project free of commercial influence.

The Most Up To Date Results
Because Test My PC Security leverages the resources of a huge community of users, the site is free from one of the typical drawbacks of most testing sites – out-dated test results!! As soon as a new version of a security application is released, Test My PC Security will have the resources to test it and post the results almost immediately. Test My PC Security is a rolling testing service and we do not believe any other site will be as responsive or comprehensive.

Fully Transparent
Test My PC Security aims to be the most trusted reference on the strength of your firewall or HIPS software – so we make transparency our top priority. Detailed results of every test our users carry out are available for download in .pdf format for all to see. If you have any questions about the site or the methodologies of Test My PC Security then we openly invite you to post to our forums for discussion.

We've only just begun
As mentioned earlier, this site is only as strong as its contributing user base – and we need your help to make it grow. Would you like to test the software you have installed on your machine and see the results published on this site? Sign up to be a registered tester here.