Test My PC Security discovers security hole in latest build of Online Armor Firewall

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During the testing of Online Armor Personal Firewall build, Test My PC Security discovered a hitherto unknown bug in the software which could compromise the security of computers reliant upon its protection. In compliance with a policy of responsible disclosure, our testing community has contacted Tall Emu with our findings.

Tall Emu were able to confirm the bug’s existence in build and stated that it would be fixed immediately. They have subsequently issued a new build ( which the vendor states will address this issue. Test My PC Security looks forward to testing the new version and hopefully confirming that the bug has been remedied. We will publish our results for at the same time as we publish our results for the newly patched version (

We are also currently revising our test of build to check for the bug’s presence and will update our results table if necessary.

We would like to thank Tall Emu for their co-operation and fast response time over this issue.

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