How well protected is your PC?

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Will my security software prevent my confidential data from being transmitted to a hacker?

Will my security software stop a virus from corrupting or destroying my important documents?

TEST YOUR SECURITY SOFTWARE & find an answer to these questions right here. Learn more.

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Test My PC Security has a wide range of downloadable firewall leak and HIPS tests so you can find out just how good your security software is.

If you are connected to the internet, you have a doorway that the rest of the world can use to enter your computer. The purpose of the security tests on Test My PC Security is to find out how well that doorway is protected. Will your security software prevent your confidential data from being transmitted to a hacker? Will it stop a virus from corrupting or destroying your important documents? Can you trust it to halt a key-logging program from recording and broadcasting every keyboard stroke you make?

From here you can -

  • Find out more about firewall leak and HIPS testing
  • Download tests individually or in one zip to check your own security software
  • View other peoples test results and comments and see for yourself which software offers the greatest security
  • Become part of the solution - Test My PC Security is looking for average users to test their software and publish the results on this website.
Latest News
NOVEMBER 7, 2008
New, integrated leak test application released

'Comodo LeakTests Suite' is a self-contained application that tests the protective abilities of your security software against 34 of the most effective firewall leak tests available. After completing a full cycle of tests, your computer will be given a security score....  Learn More

MAY 29, 2008
Vista Test Results Section Added

Vista section opens with 7 new software tests See full list of new tests     Go to Vista Results

APRIL 9, 2008
Test My PC Security press release ignites a new model in security testing.  View Full Release